Art has the potential to change lives

Dubai City had witnessed a unique event- World Art Dubai- 4th Edition last week. A 4-day art specially designed and curated event was held from April 18 till 21 at Zabeel hall 3 at Dubai World Trade Centre with an affordable collection included the contemporary artworks comprising paintings, mixed media, photography, sculptures, all created to make artwork more accessible to everyone.
“Art has the potential to change lives. When words are not enough, we turn the images and symbols to tell stories. Here Arty Strokes are leaving impressions”, says Rengi.
Art4you Gallery being the largest participant bought together 40 artists and 120 artworks, which was showcased in 3 stands . ” Little dreams took shape on canvas with Art4you”, Founder Jesno Jackson says; there was 12yrs old young talent -Jenson Rengi ,who exhibited and sold his painting “HORSE” in the show with Art4you. All 40 artists, different nationalities showcased their artworks with Art4 you

Jesno Jackson , the founder of Art4you Gallery and artist exhibited her Blue Series -Contemporary Cubism artwork based on Love and Music. Emirati Artists participated with Art4you were Ahmed Rukni, Muna Balfaqeeh , AlMaryam AllMarri and Dr. Laila Al Suwaidi. Peter Farrington(Canada), Amira Alfardani(Iran), Randa Abbas (United States), Eva Ivanchenko (Siberia) Nevine Meguid(Australia),Shazia jaffery(Pakistan) , Adnan Ahmed (Pakistan) displayed pop art, Digital art, Calligraphy, Landscapes and so on…There were 10 Oman artists(Khursheed Raja, Elizabeth Davis, Shalini Karthik, Tarini Agarwal, Pragya Bhatnagar, Soni Budhia, Harini Kumar, Sandesh Rangnekar, Anjali Babu and Rashmi Dauria), who had exhibited traditional art of Oman in realistic and hyper realistic form.
Indian artists represented Art4you were Ruxeena Musthafa, Neena Singh, Humera Ali, Wadood, Mariska Carvalho, Saima Hasan, Oliver Machado, Judy Misquitta, Shanivi Sadana,Megha Manjarekhar, Joscelyn Fernandes, Barathi(Mehansi), Rachel John, Anita Goyal and Muthu Krishna.

There were art experts ,VIP and VVIP who visited Art4you Stand to support them. “Thank you to Mr. Mohamed Al Murr, Abdulla Al Mubarak, Khalil Abdul Wahid, Abdulqader Alrais, Sultana Kazim, Faisal AbdulQadar, Cartoonist Al Jabiri, Ahmed AlSerafi. Also thank you to Atul Panase, Stephanie Neville, Zaahirah Muthy- the key curators of World Art Dubai”, says Jesno Jackson, Founder of Art4you.
There seems to be a lot of talent in UAE and from different part of the world, all came together to experience diff take off on still life, landscapes, portraits, traditional, abstract to contemporary. with total 300+ artists and 400+ artworks bought exclusive, extraordinary and affordable art to the UAE, it was a well organized event by World trade Centre, Dubai.


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