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( Alessandra Giorda, Turin-Italy) Mrinmay C. Sebastian hails from Kerala, but currently reciding in Dubai, UAE. She is an example of great artist.  She is a very important poet, painter, manager, but also sweet wife and mother.  Last five years Mrinmay was mainly focused on Watercolor. In September 2015 she was appointed as the Country Head of International Watercolor Society, UAE. In December she was also nominated as the Board Member of Advisory Committee 2015-16 and later 2016-17 and 2017-2018 for the International Watercolor Society-Globe. In Feb 2016 Mrinmay had successfully organized Online International Contest, IWS Arab Nations ,where there was almost 2500 participants from around the globe. The esteemed jury for the event were Masters from around the globe. In November did a National Watercolor Contest in UAE-1st time ever. Recognizing her contribution towards Watercolor International Watercolor Society in invited her to Turkey International Golden Brush Festival as a special guest. Since December 2015 Mrinmay started working as Gallery Manager of the Cartoon Art Gallery. She has also participated in many exhibitions both in UAE and other International Exhibitions in various Countries, Hungary, Albania, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Mrs Sebastian is also the manager of great artist like Rafah Abdulrazzak (

Now she is preparing for the 1st International Watercolor Festival here in UAE  next February 2018, very important event. In the interview to follow, we’ll know this woman with remarkable talents “talking” about paintings, colors,  mission and free time.


Ms Mrinmay C Sebastian with husdand and son


What is the mission of the Cartoon Art Gallery?
Our mission is to highlight the talent of regional cartoonists and other talented Artist to the public and give them an open forum to express themselves in a casual atmosphere. The gallery is also a place where it can offer workshops to educate the fundamentals of cartooning, animation, storytelling, and drawing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Describe your job, please?
I Mrinmay C Sebastian work here as Gallery Manager,feel like my second home. I identify talented Artist help them organise art shows , give platforms to both professional,upcoming artist and student artist as well. Artist feel welcome here to come and enjoy the space and paint happiliy. We give workshops seminars ,classes etc . A great meeting point for any Art related events.Being an Artist myself I have learnt a lot from the experience this Cartoon Art Gallery offered. It had been a great Honor be appointed as Country Head of IWS UAE( International Watercolor Society-UAE) and also the Advisory Board Member of International Watercolor Society-Globe since 2015

Do you a have a favorite painting?
I do have some favorite pieces- Affection (oil), my most favorite, I painting while I was carry my baby Shannon –it depective the love of Mother and Baby. Bold Beauties and Camel and Master are other favorites in watercolor.


Do you represent artists only from UAE or from around the globe?
I do represent watercolorist of UAE gobally as Country Head of International Watercolor Society-UAE . Being a Gallery Manager ,I also represent Other Global Artist here in UAE.

It has been a long awaited Dream. As things are moving am nervous at the same time excited also. The entries from various parts of the Globe . Majority of artwork is from Iran.
This International Watercolor Festival will establish Watercolor a a popular Medium of UAE. This will also increase the demand for watercolor artwork, realistic and urban sketching….


What other events are planned?
9th Nov we have Watercolor exhibition followe by demonstrations and workshops of Renowned Watercolorist Amit Kapoor,Vice-President of International Watercolor Society- Global.
Followed by Big Cat show- Photography Exhibition by Paws Trails.Little Prince Art show by Zimzy Gallery,Many solo exhibitions,Student Art Show by DPS… Many more.

As a part of International Watercolor Festival We will have Opening Ceremony, Inauguration of International Exhibition, Live painting or Plein air, Demonstrations and workshops by Famous Masters, and Award Ceremony Feb 22 –Feb 25 ,2018. After this we will also be having a painting tour in all the Emirates.

What criteria do you use to choose the artists to represent?
The Artist and their quality of work.


What do you think about paintings by Mrs Rafah Abdulrazzak?
Rafah  is a very dedicated Artist who is sincere to herself and Art. She Expresses her self, her dreams, her sensitivity, her strength,and beauty of nature through her paintings. She paints what she is passionate about. Rafah is very talented Artist and a wonderful person whom I am happy to associate.

Ms Rafah Abdulrazzak



How do you spend your free time?
Most of my free time I enjoy painting especially watercolors. I find so much of joy and inner peace. I always carry a little sketch book,small palette and water brushes where ever I go. I also try to spend quality time with my family and sometimes try hand in gardening too.

What memories you have of India ?
I treasure the good times spend wit h my families and friends, the beautiful panoramic beauty on my ocassional visits to various places like Munnar,Simla,Darjeeling,Madhyapradesh,Sikkim and of course Kerala and Bangalore my hometowns.

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