Dubai Opera is a great project for UAE

( Alessandra Giorda) Mr Abdulla Al Mubarak is a very important businessman and  his kindness does him honor. In the following interview he talks about art, music, Sharjah Cultural Capital of the Arab World and much more.

You are an important manager about music. Will you describe your work?
Yes i love art and for me art is everything and anything. I promot artist and help them to fund them way to grou up

You often take part in the inauguration of painting exhibitions. What does painting mean to you?

Art is a window that a person can express a feeling without having to talk about it and paintings is a way to pass the message of the artist of the world without the need to learn the language of the other.

In a painting, do you look more at the technical or emotional aspect?
Talking about the paintings takes a long time and each painting story and every story either be suffering or be joy


Mr Abdulla Al Mubarak

 In UAE there is a lot of attention to painting. Why?
Many people think that the UAE lacks the art or talent or the art world in the Arab countries. There is art and in many ways, but we are people who do not talk much about themselves or we do not have a special religion of art only. Many come to the UAE or The Gulf is hoping to find wealthy Arabs who have the money to sell their paintings. Money is the only reason for this. There are many other reasons for foreigners and tax evasion. Their countries exploit this condition because there is no tax authority for valuables.
And even artists there is no tax on their sales of paintings


What attention do you give to music?

I provide support to the musicians and artists in all fields and I try my personal abilities to reach them to the world like them

What do you think about Dubai Opera?
The Opera is great project for UAE I was really happy to see some things like this in Arabic country’s and I wish that one day we will run it by local people.


I’m fascinated by the high standard of cleanliness, the taste for beauty, the perfect coexistence of various ethnic groups and the respect that one breathes in UAE. A comment, please?

The UAE is a country of love, peace and brotherhood. We all live a decent life. Our values ​​are based on the approach of Islam. Islam is to deliver people from each other when we say peace to you. This means that you have been handed over from all things to me even if we quarrel and there is a saying to Moses. The land is the land of God and the sustenance from God

 Sharjah “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” having been included in the UNESCO list in 1998. A comment, please?
The sun means the bright emirate and the sun shines from one of its cities on the land of the Emirates and the science we have is the light and the sunrise of the world

 What are your hobbies?

Much like sports, reading, language learning, desert, camping, fishing, mountaineering, and hiking among forests

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