I want the viewer to feel the movement, energy, and life coming from the artwork

( Alessandra Giorda) Jesno Jackson Rengi is a very important painter and art manager. I met Jesno for  a painting exhibition in Sharjah. The sweetness of her soul is expressed in her wonderful paintings. I like the colors that she uses, the painting techniques, the subjects and with honor that I interviewed this artist of great value. Her paintings lead the viewer on a journey without boundaries. In the interview to follow, Jesno will tell a lot about hes business as a manager and as a painter. Jesno will talk to us about hes next goals and much more.

You are a very important art manager in UAE, describe your job, please.

Being an art manager, I am a person who selects and often interprets works of art. In addition to selecting works, I am responsible for writing labels, catalog essays, and other content supporting exhibitions. I do assembling, cataloguing, managing and presenting/displaying artistic and cultural collections. It is a varied job and often includes other activities, such as managing public relations, marketing, fundraising and running education programs.

My Job:Putting an artwork proximate to another one allow viewers to both compare and contrast both, to see their commonalities, like date of creation, country of origin, subject matter, technique or style and or their differences. Gallery displays needs to be highly planned; scale models of galleries and artworks are created and works are arranged well in advance of actually stepping into galleries and commencing to hang. Objects has to be chosen for their beauty and historical significance, but also focus on the kind of visual symphony of objects that exist on their own but also in concert with one another.Art is an important part of human history and expression, as an art curator, it helps bring works of art to the public eye.

What criteria do you use to choose an artist?
I group objects according to certain criteria, which vary depending upon the kind of exhibition we are making, the kind of material we are displaying, and the kind of audience we are trying to reach. It is clear though, that artists tend to look at art objects differently than you or I do, and certainly they diverge from us when it comes to thinking about how to make an exhibition.

Do you represent artists only from UAE or from around the globe?
We are supporting and promoting local and UAE based international artists to inspire and engage them from community events and exhibitions to provide services and access of affordable artwork to buyers and collectors.

Do you have a favourite painting?

To be honest, it always seems to be the most recent painting that I am working on. All of my creative energy is focused in that moment in time. Whatever is currently on the easel feels like a ‘favorite’ to me. Each new painting is an opportunity to ‘out-do’ myself and create a personal best. That said, looking back there are certain pieces that do stick out to me. Viewing these works I can recall a particular moment in time and that makes it special to me.

This painting “Musical Souls” – The Global Award Finalist is one of my favorite artwork- 2018

Where do you get inspiration?

Inspiration? I would say that it takes an endless amount of dedication, hard work, promotion, and support, to be an artist. I have been painting all my life, starting from before I went to preschool! Growing up in the beautiful god’s own country, natural objects were everywhere. I didn’t have to look far for inspiration. My whole family is artistically inclined. My parents taught me how to sketch and use color, my mom bought me my first art book, and my dad bought me colours.

Most of my paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around her inspiration is well emphasized by the titles of my impressions & reflections of creations in life. From 2005, my work was a mix of Realism, Impressionism, Contemporary, Abstract and Pop Art, which creates a unique and colourful, happy style that speaks to all ages. I am best known for my large-size original Abstract and Contemporary Modern Paintings, but I mostly enjoys the combination of Contemporary, Cubism and Figurative. I want the viewer to feel the movement, energy, and life coming from the artwork.

The most important inspiration for me though, is from feeling emotions. Ever since I felt heartbreak and pure happiness as I matured, I started giving my art some life and thus my artworks project the way I feel inside. My art would look like a mess and there’d be sad faces and dull colors whenever I have negative emotions, and when I’m feeling happy, my art would have beautiful lighting and colors.

Nature & Love – Connection made from emotions – 2011



Traditional Arabic Coffee Pot – Watercolour in Monochrome by Jesno

Do you remember your first painting?

I was definitely a kid who was always drawing or painting from an early age. My parents, have photos of me painting around age 4. The coloring books in our house were all blank with the exception of my own drawings on the blank inside covers…

My first drawing was a parrot ,and my second drawing was a lotus… noticing this, my parents started buying me colours, sketchbooks and loose paper to keep me busy. I always try to paint the nature inspired artworks from my childhood.

 What it means to paint for you?

Art is all about skill acquired by experience, study, or observation. It is a style that breaks away from drawing art as it is represented in real life. As the pencil glides on the paper, my mind briefly leaves my body. I escape. I become the drawing. I become the lines. I become the shading. It’s not always perfect. I make mistakes sometimes. That’s what makes it more fun. When I see an error, I check whether it can be incorporated into my drawing. It becomes a challenge to accomplish. That entire process is what inspires me to draw.
I’ve been making art since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. I have completed my BFA and hold Masters in Creative Arts. I absolutely love what I’ve learned and I am enjoying my artistic journey, being an artist, artist activist, art curator, and an art teacher.


Next goals, about your work.

My art is about expressions. It might be an expression of my subject’s emotions or my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it is as simple as happiness and beauty of nature; at other times rooted deep in spiritual (not religious) awakening.
As a human and artist I am an advocate of freedom of soul and expression and that is the focal point of my art. Now working on UAE Themed Contemporary artworks in Blue Series. I am coming up with another solo exhibition in New Year.

 How long have you been  living in UAE?
I lived in UAE for 8years. But I and my spouse- Rengi Cherian founded Art4you in 2009 when we were in India. Art4you was run till Dec 2015 by myself. Since our inception in 2009, I, Jesno Jackson-the founder of the community launched Art4You Gallery in Dec 2016 ,which in short span(from Sept 2016), established into a leading Art Gallery Community in the UAE Region. Art4you is a multicultural non-profit platform with a mission of connecting artists, art activists and volunteers together to create various community-based events like Live Art Events, Community services, Art Tour, Plein Air Sessions, Art auction, Street arts, Art Talent Programs for students to create and educate, etc… Our Online Shop will be opened soon in Dec 2018, which will help artists and buyers in different aspects.

You come from India. What do you miss about your land?
I come from Kerala- God’s own country, India. I miss the picturesque land scape, abundant with green nature and backwaters of striking beauty. After all, I miss my birthplace and my home.

Would you like to organize an art exhibition in Europe?

If we get an opportunity, definitely yes. More than 90% of leading international art fairs are held in Europe. Now, most people think you need to have art exhibition put together across the world.
We strive to organize a wide range of exhibitions consisting of an array of artistic mediums, including paintings, photography, sculpture, etc…Art4you is coming up with our First international show in United States. We need all the support from artists and art lovers.


Paint for me now means-The style I started to follow, “My Blue Series” – Contemporary Artworks.

ENTRA-MAR un libro ricco di sentimenti ed emozioni oltre i confini dell’immaginazione

( Alessandra Giorda) In occasione della presentazione del nuovo libro ENTRA-MAR, antologia poetica edito da Sakura Ediciones, che è una raccolta di poesie dei maggiori esponenti dell’America Latina che non sono solo scrittori, ma svolgono anche altre attività di rilievo, l’intervista  al filosofo, poeta ed editore  Edilson Villa M. Uomo tanto colto, quanto gentile, raffinato, di spiccata sensibilità ed innamoratissimo della sua compagna Milena Díaz. È filosofo all’Università di Antioquia, in Colombia. Nel 2013, dopo un tour in quasi tutti i paesi del Sud America, si è stabilito a Buenos Aires (Argentina) dove ha lavorato presso Prosa Amerian Editores . Nell’aprile 2018 è tornato nel suo paese, più precisamente a Bogotá,  lavorando come editore generale di Sakura Ediciones. Al suo attivo ha parecchie pubblicazioni di successo, per citarne alcune: El haikú de la escalera”,  “Poesía temprana”, “La danza de las mariposas”, “El sendero del fuego”,  “El espíritu del sable” (Premio Nacional de Poesía, 2004);  “Pluma del viento”, “Aula 206”, “El bonsái seco” y “La sal del ancla”

Nell’intervista a seguire Edilson Villa M., che ha scritto il prologo, presenta l’antologia poetica ENTRA-MAR, un libro denso di contenuti per una lettura rilassata da dove si evincono sentimenti profondi.

Com’è nata l’idea di raccogliere le poesie di personaggi di spicco del Sud America?

Quando sono tornato in Colombia, dopo aver vissuto per quasi sei anni in Argentina, Milena Díaz e io abbiamo avuto la possibilità di realizzare uno dei nostri sogni: creare un marchio editoriale. Successivamente decidemmo che l’opera prima della nostra Compagnia doveva essere un’antologia poetica che raccoglieva il lavoro di alcuni dei migliori poeti dell’America Latina. Dopo aver selezionato i poeti che volevamo far parte di ENTRA-MAR, ogni autore ci ha passato il suo materiale e abbiamo scelto le poesie che volevamo pubblicare.

Il libro è stato appena presentato  Quali sono stati gli apprezzamenti?

La nostra antologia poetica ENTRA-MAR, nonostante sia stata pubblicata solo 3 mesi fa, è già stata presentata in città di diversi paesi. Stiamo lavorando per portare questo libro in tutta l’America Latina. Ad oggi abbiamo presentato il libro a Medellín, Envigado, Bogotá, Siviglia e Caicedonia (Colombia), a Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn e Campana (Argentina) ed a Bilbao (Spagna), con un molti apprezzamenti da parte del pubblico,  della stampa specializzata e la comunità letteraria  in generale.

Le prossime presentazioni dove saranno?

La prossima presentazione di ENTRA-MAR si terrà il 29 settembre 2018 presso la libreria Hojas de Parra, del Café Nicanor, a Bogotá – Colombia.  Ci siamo portati avanti  nella programmazione di alcune presentazioni (con date da definire), nelle città di Cile, Messico e Perù, entro la fine di quest’anno.

Tra i vari personaggi del libro, quali sono quelli con cui hai più affinità?

I poeti antologizzati in ENTRA-MAR con i quali ho maggiore affinità e  un migliore rapporto di amicizia, sono i poeti argentini Alejandro G. Roemmers, Roberto Alifano, Antonio Requeni, Leopoldo “Teuco” Castilla, Ana Guillot, Mariela Palermo, Osvaldo Tamborra e Alejandro Vaccaro, il poeta cileno Isabel Guerrero, il poeta boliviano Óscar “Puky” Gutiérrez. Senza dimenticare i poeti messicani América Femat Viveros, Roberto Reséndiz e Jorge Guadalupe Arzate ed i poeti colombiani Pedro Arturo Alzate, Federico Diaz-Granados, Fredy Yezzet e Mario Alberto Agudelo.

Edilson Villa M., Alejandro G. Roemmers e Milena Diaz


Un commento su quelli che conosci di persona?

Conosco personalmente tutti i 45 poeti di ENTRA-MAR. Tutti insieme raccolgono quell’intreccio dove si svolgono l’immaginazione, il pensiero, la volontà, l’azione e un profondo amore per la parola incantata, ognuno che suona una melodia diversa con i loro flauti e tamburi. Esprimono emozioni , con la propria musica, con il proprio ritmo, con le loro sfumature e colori, formando il tessuto di un bellissimo libro che, al di là del tempo e dello spazio (quando ce ne saremo andati tutti), rimarrà per sempre come un fertile appezzamento di terra, dandoci la fragranza e i nuovi frutti dei suoi paesaggi più intimi.

Perché il titolo ENTRA-MAR?

Entramar  è  l’insieme di idee, sentimenti, opinioni….. che si intersecano in un testo. In questa reciprocità di pensieri, parole e azioni, la solidarietà è anche intessuta tra gli uomini di una comunità e tra i diversi popoli, che è ciò che ci aiuta d oltrepassare i confini. Perché ENTRA-MAR invita alla nascita permanente, alla risurrezione ed a quella idea degli archetipi femminili dello psicoanalista Carl Gustav Jung, che abbraccia tutti e tutto. L’ENTRA-MAR è come una barca che parte sempre da un luogo sicuro, da quel luogo in cui prende corpo la nascita, la crescita e l’amore. Quello spazio in cui avviene la trasformazione del corpo in spirito e si prepara per una nuova nascita. Quel posto dove puoi sempre avere una “conversazione” con questi artisti, perché le loro parole e i loro pensieri ci daranno delle risposte e  faranno  nascere nuove domande.

Dubai Opera is a great project for UAE

( Alessandra Giorda) Mr Abdulla Al Mubarak is a very important businessman and  his kindness does him honor. In the following interview he talks about art, music, Sharjah Cultural Capital of the Arab World and much more.

You are an important manager about music. Will you describe your work?
Yes i love art and for me art is everything and anything. I promot artist and help them to fund them way to grou up

You often take part in the inauguration of painting exhibitions. What does painting mean to you?

Art is a window that a person can express a feeling without having to talk about it and paintings is a way to pass the message of the artist of the world without the need to learn the language of the other.

In a painting, do you look more at the technical or emotional aspect?
Talking about the paintings takes a long time and each painting story and every story either be suffering or be joy


Mr Abdulla Al Mubarak

 In UAE there is a lot of attention to painting. Why?
Many people think that the UAE lacks the art or talent or the art world in the Arab countries. There is art and in many ways, but we are people who do not talk much about themselves or we do not have a special religion of art only. Many come to the UAE or The Gulf is hoping to find wealthy Arabs who have the money to sell their paintings. Money is the only reason for this. There are many other reasons for foreigners and tax evasion. Their countries exploit this condition because there is no tax authority for valuables.
And even artists there is no tax on their sales of paintings


What attention do you give to music?

I provide support to the musicians and artists in all fields and I try my personal abilities to reach them to the world like them

What do you think about Dubai Opera?
The Opera is great project for UAE I was really happy to see some things like this in Arabic country’s and I wish that one day we will run it by local people.


I’m fascinated by the high standard of cleanliness, the taste for beauty, the perfect coexistence of various ethnic groups and the respect that one breathes in UAE. A comment, please?

The UAE is a country of love, peace and brotherhood. We all live a decent life. Our values ​​are based on the approach of Islam. Islam is to deliver people from each other when we say peace to you. This means that you have been handed over from all things to me even if we quarrel and there is a saying to Moses. The land is the land of God and the sustenance from God

 Sharjah “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” having been included in the UNESCO list in 1998. A comment, please?
The sun means the bright emirate and the sun shines from one of its cities on the land of the Emirates and the science we have is the light and the sunrise of the world

 What are your hobbies?

Much like sports, reading, language learning, desert, camping, fishing, mountaineering, and hiking among forests

Varsha Saju, “l’enfant prodige” between painting and music

( Alessandra Giorda) She is a very important talent. She was born 14 years ago in Kerala , but now she lives in Sharjah. Her of her talent is precious and she is an enfant prodige. The music in an integral part of her life and your work. Her skills were highlighted by two major teachers Mrinmay Sebastian and Jesno Jackson, but also Mrs. Vandana Marwaha is who has motivated and supported me through my journey in art.
Her artwork titled “Whimsical” is selected for the cover page of the invitation designed by the gallery and Ms Varsha in a great young talent at BLOOM ART EXHNIBITION  at Sofitel Hotel & Resorts – The Palm, Dubai. With great attention the Televisionario2 carefully follow this talent, Varsha Saju  that, in the interview to follow, tells her passion  and sends a message to young paint enthusiasts around the world.

What does it mean to paint?
 Oh .. painting is everything for me now.
I started scribbling on paper during my leisure time from my early age itself but I was never serious about it. My parents always felt that there is some talent in me which can be nurtured, so they designated me for multiple painting workshops & took me to various art exhibitions in UAE where I got the opportunities to interact with the artists and to know more about their works which I believe has initiated a spark in me to approach painting seriously.
Painting helps me break the bonds that tie me to the negative side of this world. It helps me free my mind and soul as I begin to play with colors, temporarily leaving this world of fear and worries and entering one filled with fun and excitement. I think that art makes me more focused & disciplines my approach to any situations I come across whether it’s in my educational or art career. Even though I have just started my art journey, I now feel that painting has become an inevitable part of my life.

You are so young and with a great talent. What do you dream for your future?
Many thanks for your appreciation and kind words. I am really thankful to god for giving me the opportunities to study and perform. Like every child, I also look forward to mastering in the areas I work with. I would like to give equal importance for my studies and art related activities & always wants to give justice to the works I get involved in. Pursuing my education in 9th grade, science has always been my subject of interest, so of course I would like to get into a profession related to science. In my art career, I am always fascinated with the vibrant colors and serenity of nature, it’s very refreshing. I dream to make a mark in the world and to inculcate in people a love and appreciation for all that we see around us. I strive for the same with my artistic pursuits. By keeping my latest success as the next bench mark I will proceed with exploring more avenues in the field of art and to be known as an artist inspired by the wonders of nature.

Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?
Well, my inspirations are always my surroundings. As I told earlier, painting nature related subjects gives me immense satisfaction and confidence. A street during an autumn season, pretty birds gazing through the sunshine, a lovely sunrise and stunning sunset, breathtaking waterfalls & tropical forests, alluring flowers and plants and much more are the gifts offered by nature which are the inspiring subjects for me to portray.

How important is it to have a teacher who can bring out the best?
I think it’s very important to know and learn about the technicalities of strokes to be used, positioning the subject on a canvas, mix of colors and various other subjects in painting, so presence of a teacher can of course help to identify one’s talent and guide them through their journey. I was fortunate and blessed to have supports and helping hands in my art career.
I recollect my first participation in a workshop by Artist Vikrant Shitole @ Dubai Cartoon Art Gallery and I am really grateful to Artist. Mrinmay Sebastian of IWS Dubai chapter for holding my hands to climb the first step towards my art journey. It’s then I met Artist Jesno Jackson and my close interaction with her has really helped me understand my potential in creating artworks. Having spent around 24 classes with her was very informative and that gave me the confidence to play fearlessly with colors. She has played a major role in molding me to what I am today. I was fortunate to interact with lot of talented kind people who has always motivated and inspired me. Apart from my family and friends, I admire the support and guidance extended by Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni, Founder of Artforum UAE – Mr. Peter Gressman, Wildlife Photographer & Co-Founder of Paws Trails – Mrs. Nisha Purushothaman, Principal of Delhi Private School, Sharjah – Mrs. Vandana Marwaha who has motivated and supported me through my journey in art.


You were born in India, but you live in UAE, what you lack of Kerala and you like of UAE?
If you really notice, both the countries I belong to are very rich in their cultural diversity. India is such a large democracy with 1.3billion population with different languages and culture and UAE accommodates nationalities from around 170 + countries so as it’s a mix of culture here as well.
Kerala, also known as Gods own country is blessed with scenic beauty and greenery which I normally experience only during my annual vacations, so that is something I am missing, at the same time UAE is such a beautiful place & fast developing country which provides various platforms for artist to showcase their talents. The art community in UAE are very active and cooperative. There are regular events organized by various art galleries in UAE and I always ensure my presence in such events where I am able to meet various artists and their artworks. That’s something which I always like about DUBAI – keeping connected with the community. Yeah, I stay in Sharjah which is also known as the cultural capital of UAE.

Will you describe BLOOM ART EXHNIBITION and what do you think?
Bloom art exhibition is organized by ART4U Gallery curated by Artist Jesno Jackson @ Monda Gallery, Sofitel Hotel & Resorts – The Palm, Dubai. This event was inaugurated by Mr. Awad Mohamed Bin Sheikh Mejren on 24th May 2018 and the exhibition will continue till 24th June 2018. This is actually the third edition of student art exhibition organized by art4u gallery. First volume of student art exhibition was hosted @ Dubai cartoon art gallery in November 2017 followed by the second edition titled “Le Miracle” @ The Workshop, Jumeirah and now ththe 3rd edition titled as “Bloom”

Gliding Beauty

There are 26 students of different nationalities displaying a total of around 48 artworks in this exhibition which attracted the art lovers in UAE. I think such platforms provided to showcase the talents of students are really appreciable and this will also motivate and inspire the young artists to pursue their passion in art with larger responsibilities.
“Bloom” is close to my heart as my artworks displayed have been accepted and received inspiring feedbacks from the art community. I am also delighted that my artwork titled “Whimsical” is selected for the cover page of the invitation designed by the gallery.

You love music a lot, what do you tell us?
Yeah, music is an integral part of my life, in fact, I also listen to music whenever I am engaged in painting. BTS and 5sos are my favorite bands and I also follow songs of Liam Payne and Ed Sheeran.
Apart from painting I am also engaged in Piano and have completed 3rd grade exam conducted by Trinity College of London. I was also fortunate to perform on various stages in UAE.

What message do you send to young people who would like to learn how to paint?
Oh, it’s a tough question for me being just a newbie to the art field
However, I feel art is a vast subject which requires complete dedication, commitment and regular practice. With the little experience I have, I felt that engaging in paintings enhances your creativity and it’s also a medium where you can express your mix of emotions to the onlookers. For those young aspiring artists, I would like to say, don’t be afraid to pour your emotions on a canvas, play fearlessly with the colors and allow your imaginations to take shape. Keep on scribbling on paper and soon you will start to notice the beauty in those scribbles which will surely motivate you to enhance your skills.
I recollect the famous quote of Pablo Picasso. He says “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
This quote affirms the importance of art in one’s life so be brave to take up the challenge and start scribbling.

All the works I did are my favourites because I do have my soul in each and every peace of drawings I did

( Alessandra Giorda) Among the most important artists on international landscapes, Sijin Gopinathan stands out for his creativity and excellent skill. His drawings are precious ! Sijin is highly passionate UI Designer and Illustrator, based in Dubai. Needless to say he is sensitive to art and designs. His goal is to become the most sought after designer. In an industry, that caters to design interfaces for the Web, Mobile App, Brand Identity, illustration or painting, he wants to leave his impression.

In the interview to follow he tells with passion his work and next goals.

Will you describe your job, please?
I’m Sijin Gopinathan Im an Artist by passion and User Interface(Web/Mobile app) Designer by profession. The creative field is always a challenge for new artists. Usually at the beginning, we need a proper guidance for choosing the path. I’m so fortunate to have a guide, my mentor Mr. Reghunathan, who guided me properly.
But here in Dubai, the situation was very different. I saw a varieties of art forms from different nationalities and honestly, the healthy competition was really high. At that point, I realised, the regular art forms can’t be noticeable and hence decided to carve and develop a trademark style, as a result iam getting good opportunities now.

Do you a have a favorite painting?
All the works I did are my favourites because I do have my soul in each and every peace of drawings I did. I was fortunate to saw many paintings from the great Artist “Raja Ravi Varma”from my childhood itself. His works inspired me to do real and fantasy themed paintings. But now I’m concentrated in Mural/Doodle art and some contemporary abstract painting.


Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?
Iam a keen observer of the nature, society and cultural diversities of the people who surrounds me. Most of my works are a real depiction that reflects from the same. Some of my works including the “Mother Nature, Motherhood, The Vision, Gift of Life, the Saint etc are the real life characters. My style of artwork is a mix of Fantasy and Realism in a positive way, and I want to spread the positive vibes through my artworks. My home country India has a rich source of culture and has more than 2000 years of traditional growth and all these are more enough to inspire an artist like me. Moreover, the most inspiring quote from Van Gogh – “I dream my painting and I paint my dream”


 Will you describe this technique and why you chose this subject, Martin Luther King ?
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”
I created Martin Luther King artwork based on #MLK50 campaign together with the Ajala Project for his 50th year death anniversary and It got good response from United states through my instagram (@sijingopinathan). I used the doodle techniques to create this artwork. Its commonly know as line arts, now a days doodle art form is getting more popular in the middle east.

What it means to paint for you?
As I said before Art is my Life and passion, as the famous words “The creative adult is the child who survived” says, I’m happy that I survived by the help of my parents since they allowed me to follow and chase my dreams and create beautiful artworks. Now Iam really working hard that iam painting and doing art work each and every night to early morning to create my signature to the world. My subjects are related to Woman, Fantasy and Greenary and also, is a learning process for me. So I always find time to connect and discuss with new artists and love to give guidance to the upcoming artists for their improvement. I never waste any chance to learn new things to develop my skills.

I really believe that these capabilities are Godly grace and iam always happy to share my little knowledge to the emerging artist so that I created an Art group called @Doodleartistworldwide where my inspirational works are added and created a platform to motivate the emerging quality Artists around the world, which includes group activities etc.

What emotions did you feel when you paint?
To be honest, it’s beyond the words. Actually, its a mix of emotions and while working on an art project, I always care to spread the positive thoughts because I won’t encourage negativity and another reason is that, a good percentage of the world loves to buy encouraging and positive themed works. So for an artist, his survival some times makes him to cheat himself and force him to do the same style only.

What are your next goals?
Im working on few concepts art and improving my creative techniques to develop new art projects. One among them is “The Gold” art series and after that planning to do few solo exhibitions this year in Dubai and hopefully coming years in Paris and Singapore. As an Artist/Designer, I need to help my fellow artists too, so Im designing a website named call Theeartist.net, it’s under progress and it will be helpful for the unknown artists around the world to get news, artworks and get noticed through the web platform. Happy thing is that, its free of cost to the artist. I personally know lot of unbelievable talents from rural parts of India and I need to add them to the web platform. This will gonna be my big project and few of my web developing friends offered me help to develop the non profitable creative platform.

Alfalasi.artz is like a dream for Mr. Alfalasi and myself

( Alessandra Giorda) Great attention is paid to the various forms of painting and art in general in UAE. From Sharjah, the capital of the emirate of Sharjah where last month I attended an event that left me speechless for the spectacularity of the paintings, to other cities and other very important events. There are many interviews that I have made to talented painters. In fact there are numerous world resonance events in the number one city in the world where every dream seems to come true: the legendary Dubai.
On the occasion of the prestigious event at the Alfalasi.artz gallery in World Art Dubai, which was held from April 18th to 21st, the interview with the painter Ms Bhairavi Mistry who describes what Alfalasi.artz is, her passion for painting handed down by his father, the new fascinating techniques, the meeting with Mr. Alfalasi man and extraordinary artist and much more. Are you unknown artists? Is painting one of your passions? Do you want to know another part of Dubai that is not just glitz and luxury? Enjoy the reading!

 Describe  Alfalasi.artz, please?

Alfalasi.artz is like a dream for Mr. Alfalasi and myself. We want to promote the upcoming unknown artist. In future, we see Alfalasi.artz as an institution for all types of art form. We are trying to do art event in different area like cafe, hotels, big art fairs like India Art festival World Art Dubai,…… to explore different types of market. This gives all upcoming and ameture artist a good exposure in this art world.

Actually you work with Ahmed Alfalasi. What do you think about Mr. Alfalasi?

Words will be less if I start talking about Mr. Ahmed Alfalasi ….he is a great human being who believes in giving back to society in the form of Art. To me, I started the journey with him as a good friend than a great mentor and now as a partner of Alfalasi.artz. He is a gem of a person who is always there beside you whenever u need him by all means.

When did you start to paint?

This passion was passed from dad to me as a hereditary gift. As we had a business of wooden carving handicraft I have always look upon my dad doing designing and all creative stuff. My dad is the reason I always like to explore the world of art through the different form. My Dad is the reason behind my growth in the Art world.

What are you favorite paintings’ techniques?

I mostly like to explore different techniques like texture, hyper-realistic, drybrush, but now a days I am more into airbrush techniques which I learned from Mr. Ahmed Alfalasi…he is a seascape artist …he has taught me a lot about airbrush. I love to paint space painting by airbrush techniques under his guidance.

 What is your professional dream?

Actually, I am working on my dream….. Art curator of Alfalasi.artz. I always wanted to start a company where I can promote art was my dream …. when I meet Mr. Alfalasi I knew that we both have the same passion for art. Together we can do wonders by giving back to society through Art. So we started alfalasi.artz, a company which is purely for promoting Art.


What it means to paint for you?

Painting is like breathing for me. It’s a passion I can’t live without.

When will be next event?

We as in Alfalasi.artz, trying to do events every month. So different artist can explore the market in a different form through Alfalasi.artz. We are also planning art events for kids and mentally challenged people which might help them overcome their anxieties.

Cartoon Art Gallery is my second home

( Alessandra Giorda, Turin-Italy) Mrinmay C. Sebastian hails from Kerala, but currently reciding in Dubai, UAE. She is an example of great artist.  She is a very important poet, painter, manager, but also sweet wife and mother.  Last five years Mrinmay was mainly focused on Watercolor. In September 2015 she was appointed as the Country Head of International Watercolor Society, UAE. In December she was also nominated as the Board Member of Advisory Committee 2015-16 and later 2016-17 and 2017-2018 for the International Watercolor Society-Globe. In Feb 2016 Mrinmay had successfully organized Online International Contest, IWS Arab Nations ,where there was almost 2500 participants from around the globe. The esteemed jury for the event were Masters from around the globe. In November did a National Watercolor Contest in UAE-1st time ever. Recognizing her contribution towards Watercolor International Watercolor Society in invited her to Turkey International Golden Brush Festival as a special guest. Since December 2015 Mrinmay started working as Gallery Manager of the Cartoon Art Gallery. She has also participated in many exhibitions both in UAE and other International Exhibitions in various Countries, Hungary, Albania, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Mrs Sebastian is also the manager of great artist like Rafah Abdulrazzak (http://www.televisionario2.com/when-hold-my-brush-forgot-everything-and-get-transported-to-another-world-full-of-dreams/)

Now she is preparing for the 1st International Watercolor Festival here in UAE  next February 2018, very important event. In the interview to follow, we’ll know this woman with remarkable talents “talking” about paintings, colors,  mission and free time.


Ms Mrinmay C Sebastian with husdand and son


What is the mission of the Cartoon Art Gallery?
Our mission is to highlight the talent of regional cartoonists and other talented Artist to the public and give them an open forum to express themselves in a casual atmosphere. The gallery is also a place where it can offer workshops to educate the fundamentals of cartooning, animation, storytelling, and drawing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Describe your job, please?
I Mrinmay C Sebastian work here as Gallery Manager,feel like my second home. I identify talented Artist help them organise art shows , give platforms to both professional,upcoming artist and student artist as well. Artist feel welcome here to come and enjoy the space and paint happiliy. We give workshops seminars ,classes etc . A great meeting point for any Art related events.Being an Artist myself I have learnt a lot from the experience this Cartoon Art Gallery offered. It had been a great Honor be appointed as Country Head of IWS UAE( International Watercolor Society-UAE) and also the Advisory Board Member of International Watercolor Society-Globe since 2015

Do you a have a favorite painting?
I do have some favorite pieces- Affection (oil), my most favorite, I painting while I was carry my baby Shannon –it depective the love of Mother and Baby. Bold Beauties and Camel and Master are other favorites in watercolor.


Do you represent artists only from UAE or from around the globe?
I do represent watercolorist of UAE gobally as Country Head of International Watercolor Society-UAE . Being a Gallery Manager ,I also represent Other Global Artist here in UAE.

It has been a long awaited Dream. As things are moving am nervous at the same time excited also. The entries from various parts of the Globe . Majority of artwork is from Iran.
This International Watercolor Festival will establish Watercolor a a popular Medium of UAE. This will also increase the demand for watercolor artwork, realistic and urban sketching….


What other events are planned?
9th Nov we have Watercolor exhibition followe by demonstrations and workshops of Renowned Watercolorist Amit Kapoor,Vice-President of International Watercolor Society- Global.
Followed by Big Cat show- Photography Exhibition by Paws Trails.Little Prince Art show by Zimzy Gallery,Many solo exhibitions,Student Art Show by DPS… Many more.

As a part of International Watercolor Festival We will have Opening Ceremony, Inauguration of International Exhibition, Live painting or Plein air, Demonstrations and workshops by Famous Masters, and Award Ceremony Feb 22 –Feb 25 ,2018. After this we will also be having a painting tour in all the Emirates.

What criteria do you use to choose the artists to represent?
The Artist and their quality of work.


What do you think about paintings by Mrs Rafah Abdulrazzak?
Rafah  is a very dedicated Artist who is sincere to herself and Art. She Expresses her self, her dreams, her sensitivity, her strength,and beauty of nature through her paintings. She paints what she is passionate about. Rafah is very talented Artist and a wonderful person whom I am happy to associate.

Ms Rafah Abdulrazzak



How do you spend your free time?
Most of my free time I enjoy painting especially watercolors. I find so much of joy and inner peace. I always carry a little sketch book,small palette and water brushes where ever I go. I also try to spend quality time with my family and sometimes try hand in gardening too.

What memories you have of India ?
I treasure the good times spend wit h my families and friends, the beautiful panoramic beauty on my ocassional visits to various places like Munnar,Simla,Darjeeling,Madhyapradesh,Sikkim and of course Kerala and Bangalore my hometowns.

Rosina Ughetto, il Counselor che sbarca con successo su Skype e lavora con la musica

( Alessandra Giorda) La musica come strumento di lavoro già usato in psicologia e ed in molte cliniche americane per ridurre lo stress, calmare i nervi e favorire benefici anche all’apparto cardo-circolatorio, è un valido strumento per un Counselor come la Dott.ssa Rosina Ughetto. In Italia c’è ancora molta confusione tra la figura del Counselor , quella dello psicologo e quella dello psichiatra. Le ultime due più conosciute, mentre della prima poco si sa, seppur molte sono le persone che si rivolgono a questa figura specifica. La Dott.ssa Ughetto, professionista d’eccellenza che opera in Piemonte, ha da un pò di tempo allargato il raggio d’azione con consulenze anche via Skype, direttamente dal suo studio in assoluta privacy. Tramite questo ormai molto usato mezzo di comunicazione, ci si può vedere, colloquiare per una “seduta”  perfettamente professionale ed allo stesso tempo essere in luoghi diversi. Infatti tra i suoi clienti assidui, importanti manager, attori, cantanti lirici ed altri artisti costretti a viaggiare per lavoro.  Tanto si spasima il successo quando non arriva, quando sembra che  questa è la volta giusta per dare una svolta alla tua vita, ma sembra sfuggire. Altre sono le problematiche invece per molte persone che hanno raggiunto l’obiettivo, ma che sentono il peso del successo. Non a caso Star internazionali soffrono di ansia da prestazione, depressione e attacchi di panico che colpiscono sempre più le persone di ogni età e sesso. Che dire poi delle relazioni interpersonali , in ufficio , sul palco a casa, su un set cinematografico o tra amici, figli e partner ? Ci si sente a disagio? Chiusi in una gabbia ? Non si trova un via d’uscita? Si soffre di bulimia o anoressia? Tutto questo e molto altro è oggetto di consulenza anche con un esperto come il Counselor. Nell’intervista a seguire la Dott.ssa Rosina Ughetto spiega la figura del Counselor e pone varie domande a chi leggerà quanto di seguito scritto . Quali saranno le Vostre risposte?


In Italia non è ancora ben chiara la figura del Counselor rispetto a quella dello psicologo. Ci chiarisci bene cosa fa il Counselor?
Il Counselor è un professionista nella relazione di aiuto Per collocare questa professione parto dal fatto che
non è legato alla salute mentale del cliente, i professionisti interessati alla salute mentale sono: Psichiatra, Psicoterapeuta e Psicologo.
Il Counselor è una professionista impegnato nel sociale ed aiuta con l’ASCOLTO, L’OSSERVAZIONE coloro che stanno vivendo un momento esistenziale di difficoltà , incertezza e che vogliono far chiarezza in alcuni aspetti di sé.
Il Counselor è un esperto di comunicazione e relazione, in grado di facilitare un percorso di consapevolezza nel cliente, affinchè trovi dentro di sé le risorse per aiutarsi..Il counselor esprime una grande Fiducia nelle risorse dell’Essere Umano e quindi favorisce l’Autostima proprio perchè trasmette questo senso di Fiducia nelle risorse del cliente.
Il Counselor non si sostituisce mai alla persona che aiuta, lascia la responsabilità di prendere le proprie decisioni, comprendendolo empaticamente.

Con successo hai iniziato a lavorare via Skype con sedute vere e proprie come se le persone venissero nel tuo studio. Lavori  in Italia ed Estero tu dal tuo studio e chi necessita della tua consulenza da dove si trova. Qualche remora maggiore c’è ancora in Italia, perché qualcuno sembra avere un blocco a parlare davanti a Skype. Come superare questo ostacolo posto dalla mente umana?
Si ho iniziato a lavorare via Skype all’Estero ed in Italia, in quest’ultima la tecnologia ha valenza per diverse forme ad ampio spettro, per il counseling credo ci siano dei timori, tipo: la paura di esprimere il problema che si sta vivendo ad una persona che non si conosce attraverso il pc , il timore della critica, del giudizio, la paura dell’esporsi e il non fidarsi.

Ovviamente la privacy è garantita?

Noi siamo strettamente legati alla privacy, non possiamo condividere nessun tipo di vissuto dei clienti in counseling.

La musica per te è anche uno strumento di lavoro. Racconta
La musica è un grande aiuto perchè fa vibrare su un’altra corda. Quando siamo molto tesi ci può far rilassare, ci può procurare gioia, allegria e serenità. E’ importante insieme al cliente trovare il grande dono che ci può regalare la musica.

Per un cantante lirico o di altro genere, attore, manager o chiunque, quanto è importante per il successo della sua carriera avere ben chiari i propri obiettivi che spesso non collimano con la propria autostima ?

Certamente è fondamentale che la persona di successo abbia gli obiettivi chiari su ciò che più desidera nella vita, ma a volte per motivi diversi ci si trova in un momento di incertezza, di difficoltà, di confusione ed è necessario un Counselor che ascolti, osservi e riformuli i concetti affinchè la persona possa fare chiarezza dentro di sé  e ritrovare le risorse per aiutarsi.

Più l’artista o il manager è di successo , più sente la grande responsabilità di fare bene ed è lì che si può vacillare psicologicamente. Come commenti?

L’artista ( si vorrebbe che tutto e sempre andasse per il meglio) quando sente la grande responsabilità di far bene sta vivendo forse la paura di sbagliare? Quanto crede in se stesso? Quanto teme che il successo gli sfugga di mano?
Quanto si tende a controllare tutto e tutti? Quanto ci si fida di Se Stessi? Questi punti di domanda vogliono essere fonte di una CONSAPEVOLEZZA di Sè, per attivare le proprie risorse .

Molto importante nella vita privata e lavorativa sono le relazioni interpersonali, spesso complicate da gestire anche a causa di un gran disperdio di energia ed incavolature. Come imparare ad arginare tutto ciò per una relazione serena o che quanto meno non ci procuri danno?

La cosa utile da focalizzare nelle relazioni è che OGNUNO è DIVERSO, è a sé.
Siamo cresciuti da genitori diversi, abbiamo avuto educatori diversi, abbiamo avuto esperienze diverse, quindi ognuno vede il MONDO CON LENTI DI COLORE DIVERSO.
In genere si cerca di cambiare l’altro anzichè accettarlo così com’è…perchè ciò che diciamo noi è GIUSTO ed invece CIO’ che dice l’ALTRO/A è errato.
Uno degli strumenti chiave per vivere la relazione armonica con la gioia di stare bene insieme, senza sofferenza è iniziare a COMUNICARE, ESPRIMERE Il PROPRIO SENTIRE, senza puntare il dito sull’ALTRO in forma accusatoria, ma bensì confrontandosi SENZA VOLER CAMBIARE L’ALTRO/A, lasciando andare condizionamenti, credenze e altro.

Si sa di essere competenti nel proprio lavoro, ma il successo tanto ambito non arriva. Perche? Come puoi aiutare chi si rivolge a te ?

Quando noi sappiamo di essere bravi è buona cosa a livello interiore, perchè vengono riconosciuti i propri potenziali legati al VALORE-AUTOSTIMA. Aquesta domanda non sono in grado di rispondere senza aver ascoltato e osservato il cliente che vive questo disagio; è troppo ampio l’argomento e….potrebbe essere la PAURA di diventare una persona di successo, la PAURA di non farcela….la PAURA di affrontare cose NUOVE…..


When I hold my brush I forgot everything and I get transported to another world full of dreams.

( Alessandra Giorda, Turin-Italy) Among the important cultural events taking place in the United Arab Emirates is the recently concluded ART EXHIBITION, at the Antique Museum, successfully inaugurated by the Director of Cultural Events in UAE, Mr Yasser Al Gargawi, where many artists have performed their work. Among the many masterpieces exhibited, Mrs. Rafah Abdulrazzak’s are an expression of undisputed talent where passion and feeling triumphs. A set of decisive and contrasting colors harmonize perfectly capturing the eyes of those who admire her paintings. Each painting tells  story, emotions, a slice of life between joy and sorrow, amazement and melancholy. Mrs. Abdulrazzak is a woman of great sensitivity, besides the tangible qualities of a painter, who paints jovial themes such as sea waves, horses and themes as strong and deep as the suffering of children, the drama of the war experienced by mothers who, in see blood and terror, try to protect their babies. Rafah was born in Syria and graduated in English Literature at the University of Damascus. Happily married and mother, she has always cultivated painting hobbies and step by step from self-taught she has become an important artist reaching the dream of having an exhibition where she exhibits her paintings. With Rafah’s sweetness and sympathy, in the interview to be followed, there is talk of emotions and dreams between public and private, between reality and anticipation. In fact, in February 2018, the INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR FESTIVAL will be held in Dubai. There are so many requests by participants from the globe that the date, for membership, has been extended.

When did you paint the first picture?
I started my first painting in 2009. I was at the beach watching the sunset and remembered that I haven’t held a brush for long time. That was my beginning, as I didn’t study art but it’s always been my hobby.

Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?

The environment around me constantly inspires me, so I draw nature scenes such as waterfalls, waves in the sea and colorful flowers. I also like to draw peacocks, horses and tigers. One topic that made a big impact in my paintings is childhood suffering. l paint underprivileged children from different countries to remind people that there are still children suffering everyday around the world. I also enjoy drawing famous heritage sites in my country Syria, that bring back beautiful memories

What it means to paint for you?
Painting is my passion. I use colors to express myself, when I hold my brush I forgot everything and I get transported to another world full of dreams. But I still portray how I am really feeling onto the canvas.

What is your favorite painting?

I love all my paintings. Each one means a lot to me. But I do have a favorite technique that I use, which is palette knife painting. Knife painting is when you put thick layers of random colors to create a textured, three-dimensioned effect that you want to reflect onto the canvas.

What emotions did you feel at event “ ART EXIBITION” ?
This event was my first solo exhibition where I exhibited all my paintings that I worked on since the beginning. It has always been my dream to have a solo exhibition and I did it! With the help and support of my husband ,my friend Mrs Mrinmay Sebastian the gallery manager at Cartoon Art Gallery, my talented daughter who organized the event for me and the love and support of my family and friends.

The leitmotiv of this prestigoius event is: “ Art is Life, Life is Art”. What do you think about it?

Actually this event was wonderful. It is something different to see, where antiques and paintings were both showcased in the same place.
Art to every artist is like breathing. It is a huge part of our life. For me art means everything without it my life has no meaning. When I am happy or sad I like to hold my brushes and paint to express myself. Art is the motive to spread love and peace in the whole world.

What do you think about Mr Yasser Al Gargawi, Director of Cultural Events, UAE?

Mr Yasser Al Gargawi is a very important figure in the cultural field in the UAE. He always makes time to help and support emerging artists in the country. He is very well educated about art, he discusses and conversed with the artist on every single artwork to learn from them as well as share his knowledge with them.

This painting is wonderful ! The eyes of woman are so expressive and strike at the heart. It is characterized by bold and harmonius colors. How do you describe it ?

This painting is one of my favorite paintings. I drew it when blood shed and war were everywhere in the world. This painting is a combination of love and fear. I am a mother and I know how a mother feels when she tries her best to shield and protect her baby from the danger during the war. I paint it, I feel it, so it comes from my heart.

On February 2018 an other important event :INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR FESTIVAL UAE. A preview?

It is the first ever International Watercolor Festival in the UAE. It is a call for watercolor artists all around the globe to come to Dubai and highlight art of the UAE and let it to be a stage for World art. It is also a call for world masters and young artists to promote their art and to express themselves. The International Watercolor Society (IWS) association has branches in almost 90 countries and was inaugurated by Atanur Dogan President of IWS global in 2015. Mrs. Mrinmay C. Sebastian was appointed Country head for IWS in the UAE. She is the gallery manager of Cartoon Art Gallery in Dubai. I am excited to participate in this event to help Mrs. Mrinmay, as a volunteer.




Who is Rafah Abdulrazzak when she does no paint?
I am a Syrian artist who lives in Dubai, I graduated from the University of Damascus and got a bachelors degree in English Literature. When I’m not painting I am either at home taking care of my family or I am out socializing with friends and fellow artists. I manage to keep a balance between my duties and my art, so I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dipingo la sofferenza infantile per ricordare che ci sono bambini che soffrono nel mondo

( Alessandra Giorda) Tra gli importanti eventi culturali che si svolgono negli Emirati Arabi Uniti è da poco terminato ART EXHIBITION, presso l’Antique Museum, inaugurato con successo dal Direttore degli Eventi Culturali in UAE, Mr Yasser Al Gargawi dove moltissimi artisti hanno esibito i loro lavori. Tra i molti capolavori esposti, quelli  di Mrs. Rafah Abdulrazzak sono espressione di un talento indiscusso dove passione e sentimento la fanno da padrona. Un insieme di colori decisi e contrastanti si armonizzano perfettamente catturando gli occhi di chi ammira i suoi quadri. Ogni dipinto racconta la sua storia, le emozioni, una fetta di vissuto tra gioia e dolore, tra stupore e malinconia. Mrs Abdulrazzak è una donna dotata di grande sensibilità, oltre alle tangibili doti di pittrice, che dipinge temi gioviali come le onde del mare, i cavalli e temi forti e profondi come la sofferenza dei bambini, il dramma della guerra vissuto dalle madri che, nel vedere sangue e terrore, cercano di proteggere i loro pargoli. Rafah è nata in Siria e si è laureata in Letteratura Inglese all’Università di Damasco. Felicemente sposata e madre, da sempre coltiva l’hobby della pittura e passo dopo passo da autodidatta è diventata un’artista di notevole spessore raggiungendo il sogno di avere una mostra dove esporre i suoi quadri. Con dolcezza e simpatia Rafah nell’intervista a seguire si racconta tra emozioni e sogni, tra pubblico e privato, tra realtà e anticipazioni. Infatti nel mese di Febbraio 2018 si svolgerà l’INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR FESTIVAL a Dubai. Tante sono le richieste dei partecipanti, da tutto il mondo, che è  stata prolungata la data per  le adesioni.

Quando hai realizzato il tuo primo dipinto?
Ho iniziato a dipingere il mio primo quadro nel 2009. Ero in spiaggia a guardare il tramonto e mi sono ricordata che era da tempo che non prendevo il pennello in mano. Questo è stato il mio inizio, poiché non ho studiato arte, ma  è sempre stato il mio hobby preferito.

Dove trai ispirazione per i tuoi quadri?

L’ambiente che mi circonda costantemente mi ispira, quindi traggo spunto dagli scenari che la natura offre come le cascate, le onde in mare ed i fiori colorati. Mi piace anche disegnare pavoni, cavalli e tigri.
Un tema che ha avuto un grande impatto nei miei dipinti è la sofferenza infantile. Vorrei dipingere i bambini svantaggiati provenienti da diversi paesi per ricordare alle persone che esistono ancora bimbi che soffrono quotidianamente in tutto il mondo. Mi piace anche disegnare i luoghi che costituiscono un patrimonio importante nel mio paese, la  Siria, e dai quali si traggono bei ricordi.

Che cosa rappresenta per te la pittura?

La pittura è la mia passione.  Uso i colori per esprimermi, quando tengo in mano il mio pennello  dimentico tutto e mi trasferisco  in un altro mondo pieno di sogni.


Quali emozioni hai provato all’evento” ART EXHIBITION”?
Questo evento è stato la mia prima mostra personale dove ho esposto tutte le mie opere che ho dipinto da quando ho iniziato. È sempre stato il mio sogno  avere una mostra personale e ci sono riuscita! Con l’aiuto ed il sostegno di mio marito, della mia amica, la signora Mrinmay Sebastian, del responsabile della galleria della Cartoon Art Gallery,di  mia figlia che con talento  ha organizzato l’evento per me, il tutto coadiuvato dall’amore e dall’ausilio della mia famiglia e degli amici. È singolare vedere,  gli oggetti d’antiquariato e le pitture  entrambi esposti nello stesso posto.

Il leitmotiv di questo evento è :” Art is Life, Life is Art”. Come commenti?
L’arte per ogni artista è come la respirazione. È una parte enorme della nostra vita. Per me l’arte significa tutto, senza, la mia vita non avrebbe alcun significato.  L’arte è un mezzo per diffondere l’amore e la pace in tutto il mondo.  Questo evento è stato meraviglioso.

Un tuo commento riguardo Mr. Yasser Al Gargawi, Direttore degli Eventi Culturali?

Mr. Yasser Al Gargawi è una figura molto importante nel settore culturale negli Emirati Arabi Uniti. Si adopera parecchio per aiutare e sostenere artisti emergenti nel paese. È molto competente nel settore dell’arte, discute e conversa con l’artista su ogni singola opera  per imparare da ognuno e condividere con loro le conoscenze.



Questo quadro è meraviglioso! Gli occhi della donna sono così espressivi che colpiscono al cuore. E’ caratterizzato da colori decisi ed armoniosi. Cosa ne pensi?
E’ uno dei miei  preferiti. Ho tratto spunto quando il sangue scorreva e la guerra era ovunque nel mondo. Questo dipinto è una combinazione di amore e paura. Sono una madre e so come si sente una mamma quando cerca di proteggere il suo bambino dal pericolo durante la guerra. Lo dipingo, lo sento, quindi viene dal mio cuore.


Qual è il tuo dipinto preferito?

Amo tutti i miei dipinti. Ognuno significa molto per me. Tuttavia  ho una tecnica preferita che uso, che è la pittura con spatola o a coltellina. La pittura a coltellina è quando si inseriscono strati spessi di colori casuali per creare un effetto testurizzato e tridimensionale che si desidera produrre su tela.



A Febbraio 2018 ci sarà un altro importante evento: INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR FESTIVAL UAE. Un’anticipazione?

È il primo Festival Internazionale di Acquerelli  negli Emirati Arabi Uniti. E ‘un invito per gli artisti “acquerellisti” in tutto il mondo a venire a Dubai per evidenziare l’arte degli Emirati Arabi Uniti e lasciare un loro segno. È anche  una possibilità per i maestri del mondo e i giovani artisti  di promuovere la loro arte ed esprimere se stessi. L’International Watercolor Society (IWS) ha filiali in quasi 90 paesi ed è stata inaugurata da Atanur Dogan Presidente di IWS Global nel 2015. La sig.ra Mrinmay C. Sebastian è stata nominata Responsabile del paese per IWS negli Emirati Arabi Uniti. È la manager della galleria di Cartoon Art Gallery di Dubai. Sono entusiasta di partecipare a questo evento per aiutare la signora Mrinmay, come volontaria.


Chi è Rafah Abdulrazzak quando non dipinge?
Sono un artista siriana che vive a Dubai, sono laureata all’Università di Damasco e ho conseguito la laurea in letteratura inglese. Quando non dipingo, sono a casa a prendermi cura della mia famiglia o sono fuori socializzare con amici e colleghi artisti. Riesco a mantenere un equilibrio tra i miei doveri e la mia arte, quindi ottengo il meglio da entrambi i mondi.

Alessandra Giorda - P.IVA 11290670014

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