Student Art Exhibition “BLOOM” 2018 in Dubai

Connected by a shared interest in the wildly imaginative -‘Spring to Summer Storytelling’ and vision fusion of reality and creative artworks, were created by student artists displayed as part of Ramadan: Student Art Exhibition “BLOOM” 2018, DUBAI from 24th May till 24th June at Sofitel-The Palm at Monda Gallery Space.
The VIP Opening was inaugurated by Mr. Awad Mohamed Bin Sheikh Mejren (Founder of Rmdha Challenge) and by Mr. Abdulla Ali Al Mubarak(Owner of GCC company & Art Event Coordinator) with Special Guests Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid Hassan(Director of Cultoral Events, Dubai Culture),Faisal Abdul Qadar, Ahmed Rukni, Peter Gressman and worthy personalities who made this event distinguished and admirable.
The juried exhibition surveyed works in a variety of fields from students of diverse concentrations, regardless of discipline, and highlights the dynamic ways students are engaging and redefining the arts today. Jesno Jackson (The Founder of the Art4You Community and Artist) and Mr. Etienne (Owner of Monda Gallery) were the jurors. Art4You Community and Monda Gallery is organizing this event. This is our Third Art Exhibition in UAE.
More than 25 schools , with total of 50 artworks ,different nationality are a part of the journey from Spring to Summer, featured artworks which represent a variety of style and medium, including acrylic painting, sketching, drawing, oil painting, mixed media, textured art, palette knife art, hand art, tissue paper collage etc..


Exhibiting artists are; Yara Kassabaki ,Ruth Cicy Binu, Jenson Rengi, Rebecca Anita Sequeira, Uttara Ranjit , Varsha Saju Nair, Adelina Maria Baldivin, Ziqi Li, Jenetta Susan Jacob, Riva Pundir, Adya Pundir, Damien Mathews Kurian, Gia Cyriac Valiyaparambil, Sama Alazawi, Padmaja Vatti, Riya Bubukwar, Rudra Reghu Vattathil, Shashank balajiprasad, Shreya Sharma, Gabriella Mohammed, Thangam Jacob Tharakan, Ayra Naqvi, Doga Kilyar, Naiya Manghnani, Jihane Nohra and Taif Bin Haider.

But what other benefits can this exhibition provide? This exhibition of student art is an opportunity to enjoy the creativity of young people and engage with their culture. Student art exhibitions are part of a big picture plan to improve learning outcomes and provide real benefits for students, schools and local communities. Here students from 7yrs -16yrs are participating. Through their art, students think critically and creatively. As they develop their artistic skills they gain knowledge that will help them in various academic disciplines. And it’s a platform for the visitors to support and enjoy their stimulating artworks.

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